M.I.A.M.I. (which stands for 'Money Is a Major Issue') is the debut studio album by rapper Pitbull. The album was released on August 24, 2004, and peaked at number 14 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.
    "305 Anthem" (featuring Lil Jon)
    "Culo" (featuring Lil Jon)
    "She's Freaky"
    "Shake It Up" (featuring Oobie)
    "Toma" (featuring Lil Jon)
    "I Wonder" (featuring Oobie)
    "Get on the Floor" (featuring Oobie)
    "Dirty" (featuring Bun B)
    "Damn It Man" (featuring Piccalo)
    "We Don't Care Bout Ya" (featuring Cubo)
    "That's Nasty" (featuring Lil Jon & Fat Joe)
    "Back Up"
    "Melting Pot" (featuring Trick Daddy)
    "Hustler's Withdrawal"
    "Hurry Up and Wait"
    "Culo" (Miami Mix) (featuring Lil Jon & Mr. Vegas)

El Mariel is the second studio album by Cuban-American rapper Pitbull. It features production from Lil Jon, Diaz Brothers, DJ Khaled, Mr. Collipark, The Neptunes and Jim Jonsin. It includes guest appearances from Lil Jon, Twista and Trick Daddy. A Spanish language version of the album was released on October 31, 2006 featuring the three singles from El Mariel, along with twelve Spanish-only tracks. The album leaked onto the internet on October 27, 2006.
    "Allright Intro" - 1:56 - Produced by Donavan Knowles
    "Miami Shit" - 3:22 - Produced by Gorilla Tek
    "Come See Me" - 3:07 - Produced by DJ Toomp
    "Jealouso" - 4:03 - Produced by The Neptunes
    "Qué Tú Sabes De Eso" (featuring Fat Joe & Sinful) - 4:03 - Produced by Oak, Andrew "Papa Justifi" Wansel
    "Fademaster Skit" - 0:37
    "Be Quiet" - 3:22 - Produced by Shakespeare
    "Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)" - 3:25 - Produced by Mr. Collipark
    "Fuego" - 3:49 - Produced by Mr. Collipark
    "Rock Bottom" (featuring Bun B & Cubo) - 4:31 - Produced by Taz
    "Amanda Diva Skit" - 0:41
    "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" (featuring Redd Eyezz) - 4:05 - Produced by Cip
    "Jungle Fever" (featuring Wyclef Jean & Oobie) - 4:02 - Produced by DJ Rob-N & Gamboa
    "Hey You Girl" - 3:46 - Produced by Jim Jonsin
    "Raindrops" (featuring Anjuli Stars) - 4:15 - Produced by Diaz Brothers
    "Voodoo" - 3:47 - Produced by Lil Jon
    "Descarada (Dance)" (featuring Vybz Kartel) - 3:02 - Produced by Don "Vendetta" Bennett
    "Dime (Remix)" (featuring Ken-Y) - 5:07 - Produced by Lil Jon
    "Bojangles (Remix)" (featuring Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins) - 4:29 - Produced by Lil Jon
    "Born N Raised" (DJ Khaled featuring Pitbull, Trick Daddy, & Rick Ross) - 4:16 - Produced by The Runners
    "Outro" - 1:10
    "We Run This" (ITunes Bonus Track) Produced by Ervin EP Pope

The Boatlift is the third studio album by Miami rapper Pitbull that was released on November 27, 2007. The singles are "Sticky Icky", "Secret Admirer", "Go Girl" and "The Anthem". The song "Fuego Remix" was featured on the video game Madden NFL 2008.
1."A Little Story" (Intro)
2. "Go Girl" (featuring Trina & Young Bo$$)
3. "Dukey Love" (featuring Trick Daddy & Fabo)
4. "I Don't See 'Em" (featuring Cubo & AIM)
5. "Midnight" (featuring Casely)
6. "Ying and the Yang"  
7. "The Anthem" (featuring Lil Jon)
8. "The Truth" (Interlude)
9. "Candyman" (featuring Twista)
10. "Sticky Icky" (featuring Jim Jones)
11. "My Life" (featuring Jason Derülo)
12. "Secret Admirer" (featuring Lloyd)
13. "Get Up/Levantate"  
14. "Fuego" (Dj Buddha Remix) (featuring Don Omar)
15. "Stripper Pole" (Remix) (featuring Toby Love)
16. "Un Poquito" (featuring Yung Berg)
17. "Tell Me" (Remix) (featuring Frankie J & Ken-Y)
18. "Mr. 305" (Outro)

Rebelution[9] is the fourth studio album by Miami rapper Pitbull, released on September 1, 2009. Featured artists include Akon, Ke$ha, Avery Storm, Nayer, Lil Jon, The New Royales, Bass III Euro & Slim of 112.[10][11] It is also his first major-label release, his first album to be released on his own Mr. 305 Inc. label and also Polo Grounds' second release since Hurricane Chris's 51/50 Ratchet.
1. "Triumph" (featuring Avery Storm)
2. "Shut It Down" (featuring Akon)
3. "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)"  
4. "Girls" (featuring Ke$ha)
5. "Full of Shit" (featuring Nayer & Bass III Euro)
6. "Dope Ball" (Interlude)
7. "Can't Stop Me Now" (featuring The New Royales)
8. "Hotel Room Service"  
9. "Juice Box"  
10. "Call of the Wild"  
11. "Krazy" (featuring Lil Jon)
12. "Give Them What They Ask For"  
13. "Across the World" (featuring B.o.B)
14. "Daddy's Little Girl" (featuring Slim)

Armando is the first Spanish studio album (fifth overall) by Miami rapper Pitbull.[3][4] It was released on November 2, 2010.[5]Three songs have been released as singles, but they are only played on Spanish radio and Latin American countries.
1. "Armando" (Intro) (The Agents featuring Papayo)
2. "Maldito Alcohol"  
3. "Esta Noche" (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark and Clubzound Mix)
4. "Mujeres"  
5. "Bon, Bon"  
6. "Guantanamera"  
7. "Tu Cuerpo" (featuring Jencarlos)
8. "Vida 23" (featuring Nayer)
9. "Amorosa" (featuring MC Marcinho and Papayo)
10. "Watagatapitusberry" (featuring Sensato Del Patio, Black Point, Lil Jon and El Cata)
11. "Orgullo"  
12. "Preguntale"