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01. You Might Think - Weezer 03:07
02. Collision of Worlds - Robbie Williams, Brad Paisley 03:37
03. Mon Coeur Fait Vroum (My Heart Goes Vroom) - Benabar 02:50
04. Nobody's Fool - Brad Paisley 04:18
05. Polyrhythm - Perfume 04:10
06. Turbo Transmission - Michael Giacchino 00:53
07. It's Finn McMissile! - Michael Giacchino 05:54
08. Mater the Waiter - Michael Giacchino 00:43
09. Radiator Reunion - Michael Giacchino 01:41
10. Cranking up the Heat - Michael Giacchino 01:59
11. Towkyo Takeout - Michael Giacchino 05:40
12. Tarmac the Magnificent - Michael Giacchino 02:40
13. Whose Engine is This? - Michael Giacchino 01:23
14. History's Biggest Loser Cars - Michael Giacchino 02:26
15. Mater of Disguise - Michael Giacchino 00:49
16. Porto Corsa - Michael Giacchino 02:55
17. The Lemon Pledge - Michael Giacchino 02:14
18. Mater's Getaway - Michael Giacchino 00:59
19. Mater Warns McQueen - Michael Giacchino 01:32
20. Going to the Backup Plan - Michael Giacchino 02:25
21. Mater's the Bomb - Michael Giacchino 03:17
22. Blunder and Lightning - Michael Giacchino 02:18
23. The Other Shoot - Michael Giacchino 01:03
24. Axelrod Exposed - Michael Giacchino 02:22
25. The Radiator Springs Gran Prix - Michael Giacchino 01:30
26. The Turbomater - Michael Giacchino 00:50

Fully loaded with global locales, fast-paced racing, international espionage and a touching tale of friendship, "Cars 2" also features an amped up score by Oscar and GRAMMY-winning composer Michael Giacchino, plus music from alternative rock legends Weezer, country music hitmaker Brad Paisley, bestselling British singer/songwriter Robbie Williams, French superstar B nabar and the power pop Japanese girl band Perfume. The international lineup puts the tune in tune-up as the "Cars" characters hit the road on a worldwide tour full of epic adventure. "Cars 2" is the fourth Pixar feature score for Giacchino, who has previously composed the music for "The Incredibles," "Ratatouille," and "Up," along with half a dozen short films from the Studio. "Michael is doing such a cool scorefor the film," says director John Lasseter. "We did not want to do a typical spy movie score. We wanted it to be something very different-a whole new approach.". "John [Lasseter] knows the story," says Giacchino. "He knows what his characters need and what they want. That's how todiscuss music-in emotions. If Mater is feeling left out, I can translate that into music. I love working with the people at Pixar because they all talk in terms of story and that's how I love to work."

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