Europe - Rock The Night (2004) (Dvd5)
Country: Sweden | Video: NTSC 720x576 25 fps | Audio: AC3 384 Kbps / 48,0KHz |
Size: 4330 mb | Genre: Hard Rock | Source: My Collection

The Final Countdown
Rock The Night
Open Your Heart
Let The Good Times Rock
Prisoners In Paradise
I'll Cry For You
Halfway To Heaven

Bonus Material:
Swedish Rock Championship: "Luciarock" - Two Songs Live "In The Future To Come" and "The King Will Return" (SVT 1982).TV Show: "Casablanca" - Interview in Recording Studio (SVT 1983).
TV Show: "Bagen/Rocksugen" - Four Songs Live "Scream Of Anger", "Ninja", "Dreamer" and "Memories" (SVT 1984).
News Feature: "Rapport" - Tour Opening Niht in rebro, Sweden (SVT 1986)
TV Show: "Ritz" - Europe on Tour in the USA (SVT 1988).

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