Les Mills: BodyJam 57 - Master Class + Doc
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BODY JAM - 55-minute workout, which combines modern music and hip dance moves. This is the best cardio workout for those who like to move. You burn calories, improve your physical fitness and learn to dance better. It's like a dance school. Warming up for the whole body, simple movements - shoulders - chest - hips. You teach the lungs, but Lighters combination with the latest and hot hits. This exercise with repeated combinations, each time adding a new movement and you forget yourself in the dance!
For this exercise there is no limit on the number of sessions per week. Body Jam every time gives new positive emotions. Body Jam is a system of training Les Mills, which means that in training exercises and music are the same, regardless of the coach, club, city and country where the job. Each training session - this is a new experience. Choreography simple and gives an opportunity to practice one movement over and over again.


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