Garmin: The Russian Federation Topo Version 6.11 [Unlocked] (2012) IMG + Radar and camera in Russia

Garmin: The Russian Federation.Topo.Version 6.11 [Unlocked] (2012) IMG + Radar and camera in Russia |1.76 GB

Version 6.11 includes information about the locations of base tourists, hunters and fishermen, cultural, fisheries, equipped with parking for cars and hikers, the local toll / free fishing and ban on it. As well as radar and cameras for Garmin in Russia. Year: 2012
Title: GPS - Roads of Russia. The Russian Federation. Topo. Version 6.11 Garmin [Unlocked] (2012) IMG
Type: Map
Region: Russia
Format: IMG (Garmin)
Scale: 1/1
Update: 2012
FID card: 1281 (not required)
Compatibility: PC / PPC / Symbian Garmin Mobile XT

Title: Radar and cameras for Garmin to Russia (14/12/2011)
Version: 64
Key: Not required

The main changes from 9.6 to 11.6
1.Dopolneny data on the navigation conditions of the rivers Kama and Belaya Kerchevsky of the village in the north to the confluence of the Kama r.Vyatka in the east, the west to the confluence of the White r.Ufa
2.Belomoro-Baltic Canal
3.Nevskaya Bay to the north-western tip of the island Kotlin (detailed map)
4.Kurshsky Bay.

Added depth maps:
1.Ozero Ostrovno Lake Sonin (updated) (Tver region)
2.Pionerskoe, Pravdinsk, Balahanovskoe, Nakhimov, Krasnogvardiyske, Sukhodolskiy, Deep, Otradnoye Vuoksi and River Wild (Leningrad region)
3.Ozero Ilmen (updated) (Novgorod region).

Added a topographic load of 10 areas:
Voronezh, Kirov, Lipetsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Samara, Sverdlovsk, Tambov, Tyumen, Ulyanovsk.

Radars and cameras for Garmin in Russia(12/14/2011)
It contains three categories and 3011 POI:
Category "Fixed Cameras" contains a 468 POI
Category "Stationary Posts" contains a 513 POI
Category "Mobile Radars" POI contains 2030

NEW! Considering the direction of the camera.

Extras. Information: Copy the file into the folder Garmin \ POI device. If the POI folder there, create.

RAR password is scenerelease_stuff_by_saud_1


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