Windows 7 Perfection x86 Netbook Edition (2011/ENG) | 1.90 GB

Removed Components(aka. junk on netbooks/old PC's):

-Speech Support

-Welcome Center

-TV Tuner Drivers

-Language Packs (English and Japanese only, others may be installed later)

-Windows Media Center (use VLC, it's better anyways)

-Windows Media Player


-Manual Windows Setup

-Natural Language (used for advanced search, not language support!)

-Tablet PC

-Easy Transfer (no upgrades)

-Windows Help (only useful for noobs)

-Games (download your own better games, lol)

Post Installer Apps:

-Office 2003 Professional

-VLC Media Player


-xDark Firefox (thanks n0ak!)

-xDark Foxit Reader (thanks n0ak!)

-xDark Cleaner (thanks n0ak!)

-xDark Chrome (thanks n0ak!)

-xDark Miranda Fusion (thanks n0ak!)

-xDark Mozila Thunderbird (thanks n0ak!)

-MS Silverlight 4.0

Fully Installed with all post installer apps takes up only 8GB.