Best 20 Games Selection for iPhone,iPodTouch,iPad (24.05.2012) | 495.07 MB

Best 20 Games Selection :

Angry Birds HD.v1.6.3.iPad
Angry Birds Rio HD.v1.4.3.iPad
Angry Birds Rio v1.4.3-iPhone
Angry Birds Seasons HD.1.6.0.iPad
Angry Birds Seasons v2.3.0-iPhone
Angry Birds Space HD.v1.1.0.iPad
Angry Birds Space v1.1.0-iPhone
Angry Birds v2.1.0-iPhone
Burn it All v2.0-iPhone
Burn the Rope-v1.3.5-iPhone
Cut the Buttons-v1.2-iPhone
Cut the Rope HD 1.4-iPad
Cut the Rope v1.1.1-iPhone
Cut the Rope v1.7-iPhone
Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots-v1.0.3-iPhone
Fruit Ninja-v1.8.0-iPhone
Sprinkle v1.7-iPhone
Where's My Water v1.5.0-iPhone
Zombie 1.1.0-iPhone

PS : all this games work on iOS 5.xx . for iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad .

good gaming for all .

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