Nightwish – Live in Oulu, Finland (2012)

Postby cidiane » Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:08 am

Genre : Symphonic Power Metal (Finland)

Format : MP3 (128/320 Kbps) Bootleg

Tracklist :

01. Taikatalvi
02. Storytime
03. Wish I Had an Angel
04. Amaranth
05. Scaretale
06. The Siren
07. Slow, Love, Slow
08. I Want My Tears Back (with Troy Donockley)
09. The Crow, the Owl and the Dove (with Troy Donockley)
10. The Islander (with Troy Donockley)
11. Nemo (with Troy Donockley)
12. Last of the Wilds (with Troy Donockley)
13. Planet Hell
14. The Poet and the Pendulum
15. Over the Hills and Far Away (Gary Moore cover) (with Troy Donockley)
16. Encore:
17. Finlandia (Jean Sibelius cover) (with Troy Donockley)
18. Song of Myself
19. Last Ride of the Day
20. Imaginaerum (Outro)

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