VA - Romantic Hits: Best Men (2001)
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Genre : Pop
Servidor : freakshare - Easybytez

Part (1)

Richard Marx 'Flesh and Bone Until I Find You'
Keating Ronan 'In This Life'
Sting 'In The Moonlight'
George Michael 'It doesn't really matter'
nsync 'this i promise you'
Chris de Burgh 'Here Is Your Paradise'
Billy Joel 'Leningrad'
George Michael 'Kissing A Fool'
Elton John 'Nikita'
George Michael 'They Won't Go When I Go'
Chris de Burgh 'In A Country Churchyard'

Part (2)

A-HA 'Minor Earth Major Sky'
Chris de Burgh 'Missing You'
Rod Stewart & Helicopter Girl 'Don't Come Around Here'
George Michael 'Carless Whisper'
Elton John 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Way'
Seal 'Kiss from the rose'
George Michael 'To be forgiven'
Eros Ramazzotti 'E Ancor Mi Chiedo'
Backstreet Boys 'It' True'
George Michael 'Mothers Pride'
Richard Marx 'Breathless'
Chris Rea 'The mention of your name'

Part (3)

Bryan Adams,Sting, Rod Stewart 'All For Love'
Ricky Martin 'The Touch'
Chris de Burgh 'So Beautiful'
George Michael 'Jesus to A Child'
Chris Rea 'The Road To Hell (Part2)'
Sting 'Tomorrow We'll See'
Richard Marx 'Hazard'7
George Michael 'Move on'
Chris de Burgh 'Suddenly Love'
Elton John 'The One'
Keating Ronan 'If I Don't Tell You Now'

Part (4)

Robbie Williams 'Supreme'
Rod Stewart 'If I Had You'
Sting 'Big Lie, Small World'
Chris de Burgh 'In Love Forever'
Richard Marx 'Angelia'
Bryan Adams 'Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman'
Seal 'People asking why'
A-HA 'You'll Never Get Over Me'
George Michael 'A Moment With you'
Eros Ramazzotti 'Nell'Azzurit?'
Backstreet Boys 'All In Love is Fair'

Part (5)

Ricky Martin 'Nobody Wants To Be Lonely'
George Michael 'Father Figure'
Chris de Burgh 'The Head And The Heart'
Richard Marx 'Silent Scream'
Chris de Burgh 'Borderline'
George Michael 'Miss Sarajevo'
Keating Ronan 'Brighter Days'
Backstreet Boys 'All my Life'
Richard Marx 'Endless Summer Nights' 9
Billy Joel 'And So It Goes'

Part (6)

Richard Marx 'Right here waiting'
Seal 'Prayer for the dying'
Richard Marx 'Hold On To The Nights'
A-HA 'Velvet'
Robbie Williams 'The Road To Mandalay'
Chris de Burgh 'The Lady In Red'
George Michael 'I Can't Make You Love Me'
Rod Stewart 'It Was Love That We Needed'
Keating Ronan 'When The World Was Mine'
Chris de Burgh 'Fatal Hesitation'
Richard Marx 'Chains Around My Heart'
Elton John 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'

Part (7)

Richard Marx 'Now and Forever'
George Michael 'Roxanne'
Sting 'Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot'
Bryan Adams '(Everything I Do) I Do It For U'
Chris Rea 'Looking for the summer'
Elton John 'Blue Eyes'
Chris de Burgh 'Much More Than This'
George Michael 'Heal the Pain'
Backstreet Boys 'Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
Ricky Martin 'Ven a Mi (Come To Me)'
Chris Rea 'Still Beautiful'
Richard Marx '(It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall In Love'

Part (8)

Sting 'The Hounds Of Winter'
Richard Marx 'Keep Coming Back'
Seal 'Dreaming in metaphors'
George Michael & Elton John 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me'
Elton John 'Blessed'
Chris Rea 'Winter song'
Richard Marx 'Can't help Falling In Love'
Chris de Burgh 'It's Me (And I'm Ready To Go)'
George Michael 'One More Try'
Nsync 'That's when i'll stop loving you'
Chris de Burgh 'If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go'

Part (9)

Elton John 'Sacrifice'
A-HA 'I Wish I Cared'
Sting 'Windmills Of Your Mind'
Seal 'Don't cry'
Chris de Burgh 'Lonely Sky'
George Michael 'Praying For Time'
Robbie Williams 'love Calling Earth'
Richard Marx 'Children Of The Night'
Chris de Burgh 'Separate Tables'
Elton John 'Circle Of Life'
George Michael 'You Have Been Loved'