Angie Stone - Black Diamond (2012)

Genero: R&B
Tipo de Archivo: MP3
Tamaño: 306 MB
Bit Rate: 320 kbps

01. Freedom
02. No More Rain (In This Cloud)
03. Green Grass Vapors
04. Everyday
05. Coulda Been You
06. Visions
07. Life Story
08. Just a Pimp
09. Trouble Man
10. Bone 2 Pic (Wit' 'U)
11. Man Loves His Money
12. Love Junkie
13. Black Diamonds and Blue Pearls
14. Heaven Help
15. Without You
16. Thank You
17. Baby Slow Down (Bonus Track)
18. Ear-Responsible (Bonus Track)
19. Work It Out (Bonus Track)
20. My Lovin' Will Give You Something (Bonus Track)
21. I Gotta Thing for You (Bonus Track)

22. No More Rain (In This Cloud) [Star Gate Radio Mix]
23. No More Rain (In This Cloud) [feat. Lain] [Eric Sermon Remix]
24. No More Rain (In This Cloud) [Wookie Vocal Mix]
25. Everyday (Mike City Remix)
26. Everyday (feat. Pusha T) [Neptunes Remix]
27. Everyday (feat. Mad Snake) [Suli and Stef Bass Remix]
28. Everyday (feat. Phoebe 1) [Full Crew Rap Mix]
29. Everyday (feat. Phoebe 1) [Soul Town Mix]
30. Life Story (Jazz Hop Mix)
31. Life Story (Full Crew Hip Hop Mix)
32. Life Story (Booker T Vocal Mix)
33. Life Story (Club 69 Future Mix)

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