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Tema: DVD Cloner 6.60 Build 984

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    Predeterminado DVD Cloner 6.60 Build 984

    DVD Cloner 6.60 Build 984

    DVD Cloner description

    You can clone your DVD entirely within 2-3 hours, in the same quality as the original.

    DVD-Cloner is a high-performance application for backing up DVD movies for archiving purposes. Its built-in decryption will allow you to copy most DVDs.

    DVD-Cloner enables advanced users to customize their work. You will have full control of your DVD burning project. For example, you can compress one DVD-9 to two DVD-5s, or copy the main movie only without extras.

    As an alternative, the target DVD can also be recorded on your hard drive as a disc image.

    DVD-Cloner V allows you to copy and backup your DVDs and even HD and Blu-ray movies.

    DVD-Cloner V has been added a lot of new functions. The new burn engine will make perfect 1:1 DVD copy. It supports for the backup of HD and Blu-ray movies with a third-partyBlu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper.

    Now you can backup HD and Blu-ray movies on your PC and watch them as you like

    Here are some key features of "DVD Cloner":

    · Brand-new burning engine, Perfect 1:1 DVD Copy ? brings you an excellent backup experience. The copied discs will remain 100% same to the original, no quality loss!
    · Makes perfectly audio-and-video synchronous copies!
    · Copies DVD movie to ISO or NRG file and backs up DVD movie to hard disk drive (FAT32, NTFS supported), burns ISO and NRG files to DVDs.
    · Copies CSS-encrypted, Region- protected and Sony ARCCOS protected DVD movies.
    · Intelligent Identification Tech ? intelligently identifies the disc type and displays relevant copy modes on the interface.
    · Copies any chapter you like with DVD-Cloner V
    · Now you can define the number of discs to be burned - great for batch copying.
    · DVD-5 to DVD-5 copy
    · Movie only copy ? copies main movie only with extras and special features omitted
    · Adjusting the compression rate from 10% to100% - saves your disc space
    · Splits DVD-9 into two DVD-5s
    · DVD-9 to DVD-9 copy
    · Burns DVDs from hard drive to blank DVD-r/rw
    · Supports for episodic DVD copying ? You can copy your preferred chapters.
    · With a third party Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper, you can backup HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies to your hard drive and watch them with Cyberlink Powerdvd or Windvd as you like!
    · High Compatibility- supports for PAL, NTSC, DVD -R/RW and most DVD players.
    · High burning speed.
    · Multi - languages
    · Previews the main movie, extras and menus.


    · Pentium-II 450 MHz or faster processor
    · 64MB of RAM
    · 5GB free hard disc space for DVD-5 (10GB free hard disc space for DVD-9)
    · DVD burners
    · NTFS partition
    · A Blu-Ray or HD DVD disk drive
    · A Blu-Ray or HD DVD media player (like PowerDVD,WinDVD)
    · 50GB or more free disk space for Blu-Ray copying.
    · 30GB or more free disk space for HDDVD copying.


    · The unregistered version allows you to copy only one DVD.

    What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

    · Enhanced burning engine, fast and stable burn
    · Verifies data after the burning, ensuring a perfect 1:1 copy
    · Supports the backup of latest Blu-ray movies. Burns Blu-ray movies to harddisk drive.
    · Supports the backup of ISO, NRG files.
    · Burns two DVD movies onto one DVD-R/RW DL with customized menu.
    · With “Split DVD-9 to two DVD-5s” copy mode, the movie title and menu of source DVD will be copied to the second disc for your convenience.
    · Improved the chapter copy function, great for episodic DVD copying
    · Brand-new user interface. Step by step direction makes the burning simple.

    Contenido Oculto, debes registrarte y luego dar en el botón GRACIAS o RESPONDER para poder ver lo que hay dentro :)
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    Predeterminado Respuesta: DVD Cloner 6.60 Build 984

    movido a grabadores de cd/dvd

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    Predeterminado Respuesta: DVD Cloner 6.60 Build 984

    gracias por el apor!!

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