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Tema: Spiral Graphics Genetica Studio Edition 3.0.1914.0

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    16 Spiral Graphics Genetica Studio Edition 3.0.1914.0

    Spiral Graphics Genetica Studio Edition 3.0.1914.0 | 24 MB

    Genetica 3.0 is an innovative node-based seamless texture, effect, and animation editor for professional 3D artists. With HDRI environment maps, more than 1000 presets, automatic seamlessness, and animation, Genetica will help you revolutionize your art. Genetica 3.0 is Spiral Graphics' latest seamless texture, animation, and HDRI environment map editor. Artists can now quickly add doors, windows, graffiti, symbols, and other unique details to their textures thanks to a new set of drawing tools, which have been specifically designed with the needs of texture artists in mind. Not only will drawings be automatically seamless, but artists will be able to apply sophisticated effects to their designs including reflections, refractions, environmental lighting, and more. The new version includes an HDRI environment map editor that can generate unique environment maps as well as manipulate existing ones in a variety of ways. Game designers will appreciate the various effects that can be baked directly into an environment map, including diffusion and light scattering effects.

    Contenido Oculto, debes registrarte y luego dar en el botón GRACIAS o RESPONDER para poder ver lo que hay dentro :)

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